Vision & Mission

To create teaching-learning environment enabling making of creative competent and skilled professional Pharmacist contributing to the needs of Pharmaceutical Industry and health of Indian Society.

1. To ensure effective planning and implementation of academic activities.
2. To enhance employability of students by improving their life skills and commitment to Pharmacy profession.
3. To build technical competence and skills to enable students to compete at National Level Competitive Exams.
4. To ensure interaction with all stake holders and the external environment for enrichment of teaching-learning process and mentoring of students.5. To make the student aware about their social responsibility as a Pharmacist in Indian Society.

Programme Education Objectives (PEO)-
1. Programme will impart sound technical knowledge, analytical skills and research aptitude in the students to pursue higher education and research.
2. Programme will equip the students with life skills like leadership, team work, planning & execution for shouldering various job responsibilities.
3. Programme will make the students confidant communicators.
4. Programme will nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in the students.
5. Programme will commit students for lifelong contribution to the Health and well being of society.