Pharmacognosy lab is equipped with high brand microscopes for the detail study of crude drugs. Display of various photographs of crude drugs available. Crude drug specimen museum is displayed so as to study the drugs in detail in to its natural form. Several soft copies of books like Charak and Sushrut Samhita are made available for reference to students for their project works.

Laboratory Details

Sr. No. Laboratory Facility
1 Pharmacognosy (UG )
    Layout of Medicinal plant (Charts)
    Compound Microscope
    Binocular Microscope
    Soxhlet Apparatus
2 Pharmacology (UG & PG)
    Heating mantle
    Hot plate
    Digital Camera
    Hot air oven
    U.V cabinet



Sr. No.  Name of faculty Designation
1 Dr. A. N. Aher Associate  Professor
2  Ms. Gavali Assistant  Professor