Three storied “C” type building constructed having 52000 Sq. ft. area and accommodating administrative block, class rooms, laboratories, library, ladies room, student room, staff room, conference room, computer lab, instrument room, Seminar Hall etc.
Laboratories & Equipments
Well equipped laboratories are there having sophisticated instruments like GC, GCMS, HPLC,HPTLC, IR, UV Spectrophotometers, Brookfield viscometer, Autotitrator, Particle Size Analyzer, KF, DSC, Digital Polarimeter, Solvent extractor. Catalytic Hydrogenator, High Pressure Reaction equipment, Flash Chromatography, Rotary Evaporator, Dissolution apparatus, Tablet compression machine, FBD,
Details Information of Infrastructure

Name of the Laboratories Room Number
Pharmaceutics lab. including Aseptic Room & Machine Room(UG/PG) 001
Pharmaceutics Lab. (UG) 012
Pharmaceutics Lab. (UG) 112
Pharmaceutics PG Lab- 201
Pharmaceutics research lab 232
Quality Assurance Research Lab 022
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab 010
Instrument room 010
Pharmaceutical Chemistry lab(UG) 011
Pharmaceutical Chemistry lab(UG/PG) 106
Ph.D. Research Lab for Chemistry 111
Pharmacology/APHE Lab including smoking Room. Animal House(UG/) 005
Pharmacology PG Lab 008
Pharmacognosy Lab (UG/PG) 224
Pharmacognosy Research  Lab 115
Class Room
Class Room UG 116,119,121,225
Class Room PG/Tutorial Room 114,120,122,217
Store Room I and II 015,016
Seminar Hall 103
Computer Room 102,113
Maintenance Room 017,104
Indoor Sport Room 123
Alumni office 222
Examination room 223
Principal office 118
Administrative office 119
Library and Reading Room 301,302,303

Major Equipment’s
1. Digital Polarimeter
2. UV Spectrophotometer
4. Gas Chromatograph
6. Analytical Balance
7. Differential Scanning Calorimeter
8. Auto Titrator
9. IR Spectrophotometer
10. & UV spectrophotometer
11. Dissolution Apparatus
12. Projection Microscope
13. Tablet Machine
14. Class 100 Horizontal Laminar Flow clean air work station
15. KF Autotitrator
16. Extractor Unit (3)
17. The kalweka set consisting of:, Dosing and filling for liquids, Pellletiser, Polishing drum, Wet granulator, Sieve shaker, Homogenizer, Planetary mixer, Dry granulator, Cube mixer, Dosing and filling for ointment, Powder mixer, Mini ball mill, Main drive, Agitator, Ball mill-BMS, Coating pan, Counting and filling for tablets, Drum hoop mixer, Double cone blender, Lab kneader, Planetary mixer, Filling and moulding mixer, Triple roller mill, V-blender, Universal gearing.
18. Particle Size Analyzer
19. Viscometer
20. Autoclave Reactor
21. Projector
22. Centrifuge
23. Microwave over.

Library & Reading Room
Spacious library having rich collection of text and reference books, Chemical abstracts and COPSAT, Investment in books & periodicals is about 40 Lakhs.
Number of Library books/Titles/Journals available (programme-wise)
Details of the library facilities

Course(s) Number of Book Titles Number of Volumes Journals
National International
B.Pharm, M.Pharm & Ph.D. 4200 18740 32 04